VIDEO: What a’ Gwaan? Beenie Man Apologizes to LGBT Community for 10 Years of Homophobic Lyrics


Seems everyone is weighing in on LGBT equality these days. Just a few days after Obama comes out in support of gay marriage, Beenie Man releases a video apologizing to the gay community for his homophobic lyrics.

The YouTube video was posted on in anticipation of their summer music festival at which Beenie Man will be performing… that is, if there are no protests.

The organizers released this statement along with the video:

We have received and we are happy to publish a videomessage of Beenie Man in which he wishes to clear out any doubt about his position concerning homophobic lyrics appeared in some of his old songs. We would like to think that his words can put an end to all the controversies that the subject has generated.


Beenie Man is part of the 2012 Sunsplash line up, because we believe in his change and his detachment from homophobic positions, as demonstrated on this video.

It’s no secret that the backlash against Beenie Man’s music has resulted in his being pulled from several major concerts, canceled shows, and a general decline of his brand as an artist.

Last year, Hip Hop mogul, 50 Cent, made some pretty candid, yet poignant remarks on the growing influence of the LGBT commmunity. The rapper, who’s had his own run-ins with the LGBT community due to homophobic tweets, put it simply: it doesn’t pay to be anti-gay.

Incidentally, some experts are alleging Obama’s recent support of gay marriage as nothing more than a political ploy. Yet, the president’s statement has prompted highly influential entertainment celebrities like Jay-Z and Will Smith to come out in support of marriage as well.

So, even though Beenie Man’s video may come across as financially motivated — he literally seems to be pleading with activists not to get him pulled from this concert since he’s “not the same as he was 20 years ago” — perhaps we can look forward to a similar ripple effect in reggae music.

What do you think? Is Beenie Man’s apology too little, too late? Watch the video and share your thoughts below.

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