Gender Reel Film Festival Call for Submissions


Gender Reel is an annual film festival and community event dedicated to enhancing the visibility of gender non-conforming, gender variant/queer and transgender identities.

As a festival, their goal is to empower artists, filmmakers, and photographers to continue creating works that are reflective of gender non- conforming experiences and identities. They achieve this by providing an accessible and embracing multi-media platform where visually artistic works can be displayed.

Gender Reel takes place on September 7th-9th, 2012 at the William Way Community Center in Philadelphia

While Gender Reel is open to all artists and filmmakers creating work about gender variant issues, transgender issues and/or experiences, they are also dedicated to supporting works related to and about under-represented groups of community members, including queer and trans people of color, trans women, people living with HIV/AIDs, people with disabilities etc.

Diversity and inclusion are key parts of Gender Reel’s mission and we are committed as a festival to making sure our festival is reflective of this on all fronts. To learn more about the film festival and/or to submit your work for consideration, visit

Submission Guidelines

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