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Saba Teku
Social Media Marketing Intern

I’m thrilled to be joining the QWOC Media Wire team this summer as a Social Media Intern. It is easy to turn a blind eye to all that ails humanity but that does not benefit anyone. Hence, as an ally who identifies as African, I’m excited about the opportunity to support and amplify projects that aim at creating media for and by LGBT women of color.

I’m currently a junior working towards a degree in Marketing at the University of Colorado, Denver.Post-graduation, I hope to broaden my perception of the human experience and build a career advocating for those who are less fortunate. After my first visit to Ethiopia when I was twelve, I had the opportunity to see the harsh and minimalistic conditions my extended family was living in. My sister and I, since then, have committed our futures to brainstorming economic solutions to support fellow Ethiopians in an equitable and sustainable way.

It is easy to turn a blind eye to all that ails humanity but that does not benefit anyone.

As far as my personality, I consider myself a bit of a nerd; my internal database of really bad jokes and random facts is extensive, I watch way too many documentaries and (awful) reality television, and I work part-time at a frozen yogurt shop where my official title is “Mixologist.”

Interests: LGBT Africa, Music, Art, Fair Trade
Location: Denver, Colorado

You can contact Saba via email at SABA (at) qwoc (dot) org.

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