The purpose of this blog is to create and foster a global community of open-minded, forward-thinking, thoughtful, respectful, and engaged LBTQ women and gender non-conforming people of color, diaspora, and allies, where everyone should feel comfortable expressing their opinions and sharing their perspectives.

That said, we encourage comments to foster discussion, not incite verbal riots. We want everyone who believes in our mission and aligns with our values to feel welcome, and participate. We’d like to make it clear that we do not tolerate comments riddled with prejudice and bigotry, nor will we tolerate comments that

We invite self-promotion only if it critically contributes to the discussion. (Note: You can promote your blog or site in the comments section of our weekly “Interlinq-ed” qpoc link round up, where we encourage everyone to shamelessly self-promote what media they created from the past week.

We will not tolerate irrelevant, disrespectful, offensive, crude, and hateful comments. Those comments will NOT be approved, and repeat offenders will be banned from further participating in future discussions on this blog.

If you see something that does not coincide with our comments policy, please flag it immediately, or email Each author moderates her/his own posts and will ultimately decide to erase or keep comments. Note that commenting closes after a post is more than 90 days old.

Credit: This comment policy was created from a hodge podge of other comment policies we found on the web.