All of the articles on QWOC Media Wire are intended for people to read and share with others, not present as their own.

The Basics — We Own Our Work, Taking It Without Permission is Stealing

There is too much history of the work of marginalized people being appropriated / stolen for us to be lax about this. Here, we reserve the right to retain full ownership of our work. So, please do not copy any of the articles in full onto another website — even if you think it’s to give us kudos — unless, of course, you have formally requested and received information, or it’s an open call or other type of announcement (see the Announcements section).

Do Not Re-Publish Full Articles without Permission

You may copy quotes and sentences from published articles — up to a max of 300 words — at which point you must explicitly cite us as your source (QWOC Media Wire, and insert the link to the full article.

Do Not Re-Sell Articles As Your Own

This should go without saying, but please do not attempt to sell any of the articles found on QWOC Media Wire. Do not include the full articles in any printed material without asking permission first.

Copyright of Images/Media

Note that the majority of the images and media on QWOC Media Wire is not exclusively ours, which is why we cite our sources. If you discover an image / media that you believe belongs to you, please contact us as soon as possible so we can take it down immediately.

Special Note to Other Websites and Blogs

A lot of work goes into generating original content. Please respect the work of the volunteer editors and writers of QWOC Media Wire by seeking permission before republishing. We encourage you to quote us as long as it’s followed by clear citations. We built this platform in order to amplify the voices of LGBTQ women and gender non-conforming racial and ethnic minorities, not to have our work devalued or appropriated as content for other sites. Thank you in advance for valuing and respecting our work.

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