Editorial Board

  • Spectra BW

    Spectra, Founder and Executive Director

    Spectra is a queer Nigerian afrofeminist writer and idealist who’s passionate about media, movement building, and the Motherland. She dabbles in poetry, playwriting, and photography, and travels, a lot.

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    Idalia Gutierrez, Associate Editor

    Idalia Gutierrez Associate Editor, Books and Poetry Idalia is a Puertominican (Puerto Rican and Dominican) writer, performance poet, health advocate, and kitchen table feminist. She describes her writing as a call to anyone who doesn’t realize that they can and should speak, to speak, and …

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  • Sarahi Almonte

    Sarahi Yajaira, Associate Editor

    Sarahi Yajaira is a Latina lesbian poet, writer and community organizer.

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    Erika Turner, Associate Editor

    Erika Turner is a black lesbian writer and publishing enthusiast who is passionate about politics, activism, gender issues, and love — not necessarily in that order but certainly all at the same time.

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