Spectra Speaks To Interview International LGBT Human Rights Leaders for Black History Month

The founder of QWOC+ Boston (Spectra, www.spectraspeaks.com) is interested in interviewing LGBT POC leaders in the US and Human Rights Activists around the world as part of a new project to share leadership stories and best practices. The project launches in February, and in solidarity with Black History Month, will feature interviews from Black LGBT Leaders across the country and the globe.

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My Last Intern Post — The Summer Ends With A Pause

f there’s anything I regret this summer, it’s the fact that I did not get the chance to give all of you a hug good-bye last night after we celebrated the commencement of my internship with cake, photos, and, of course, Japanese food. However, I think it’s the most appropriate departure I could have given – a cliffhanger, as opposed to a definite end.

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Undercover Intern: Up, Close, and Personal with QWOC Week Organizers

As is the case with most organizations, fans, supporters, and enthusiasts of QWOC+ Boston mainly get to experience the front-end of the organizing work. In this post, our intern goes behind the scenes to give you a taste of what it’s like to plan QWOC Week, and work with some pretty interesting personalities.

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A Warm Welcome to Our Summer Intern, Erika Turner!

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It is with great excitement that we welcome Erika Turner to the QWOC+ Boston family this summer as our first “Social Media” intern! Yes, we’ve gone 2.0 (it’s official when you get a specialist intern, right?). Read more about Erika, and join us in welcoming her to the QWOC+ Boston family!

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Film Students at Emerson Take on QWOC+ Boston Documentary Project

We are very excited to announce that two film students at Emerson have decided to donate their time and talents …

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Hate and Homophobia in Manizales, Colombia

This is from earlier this year…  something that I find utterly sad, evidence of why some of us deal with …

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