Twitter Bios and Queer Aberrations: Resisting Marginalized Identities

To non-twitter users, like myself a few weeks ago, the idea of “tweeting” may seem bizarre—a mainstream outlet for celebrities to forge a pseudo relationship with their fans, or perhaps a likeminded individual whose dreams coincide with that of the celebrity with millions of followers. However, beyond the façade of mainstream stardom lies a platform constructed by change agents working …

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A Pride Sermon from a Queer Black Church Boi: “LGBT People of Color, Reclaim Your Faith!”

Let me first introduce myself by saying this: I’m not your mama’s inspirational blogger. And I’m certainly not your standard queer …

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In Search of Faith: It’s Not Always in the Pulpits

Faith Stones4

“I’ve been struggling with faith and belief for quite some time. I am not talking religious faith and belief. I am talking about the faith and believe in something unshakeable within…”

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It Gets Better: QWOC + Boston Edition!

IMG 1215

The “It Gets Better” project began in September of 2010 when columnist and author Dan Savage sought to create a …

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A Feminist's Thoughts on Attending the WAM!+QWOC+ Boston Takeover at Caprice

Repost from “Sunday Stupidity” @ The GenderBlender Blog Last night, the Gender Blenders attended the WAM (Women, Action, and Media) …

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