Organization Name: Queer Women of Color Media Wire
Acronym: QWOC Media Wire

Brief History: Founded as a local community-building organization, QWOC+ Boston (Queer Women of Color and Friends) in October 2006. Re-launched as national media initiative in January 2012.

About Us: Queer Women of Color Media Wire is a media publishing and advocacy organization that amplifies the voices of Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer, Transgender women and gender non-conforming people of color, diaspora, and other racial and ethnic minorities around the world.

Our World View: The media’s impact on shaping our culture, including public opinion, and government is unmatched. For social progress, it is imperative that marginalized voices are amplified in the media. Hence, our work exists to empower our communities not just to be a part of critical conversations, but to lead them as we deem necessary.

Our platform is for the people, by the people; in this space, our voices are no longer bound to the constant critique of an exclusive political agenda; we are free to set our own. Here, we move beyond the reductive conversations that come with the tokenization of our voices in mainstream media outlets (i.e. identity politics 101), to affirming the diversity within our communities. We can be whole. And, recognizing that we are many, we can be one.

In addition to our online platform which publishes news and opinions about LGBTQ women of color and gender non-conforming people in the media, we conduct media training and workshops — e.g. Blogging 101, The Art of Podcasting, Writing as Revolution, and more — in order to support queer people of color and diaspora all around the world in telling their own stories. We also provide consulting services to organizations desiring innovative marketing and outreach campaigns.

Our motto: Diversity Speaks.

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