Take a moment to get acquainted with each of the volunteer roles.We try to be as accommodating as possible when making assignments. But you know your personality better than anyone else. It’s always a good idea to peruse this page before signing up to volunteer at an event.



As greeters, you…..well, you greet, and are usually placed at the entrance to the event. If there is a registration table, you will be stationed there. You are the PR Agents of Diversity, noticed the minute someone walks through the door. So, be prepared to welcome them with a big bi-,trans-, and ally-friendly smile. You will be armed with appropriate instructions (“Sign up”, “Register”, “Sign In”, “Donate” etc), which you will deliver, warmly (we’re not robots here). You are the person that has the capacity to make the person who braved showing up alone REAL happy they decided to come. First impressions are everything.



As hosts/hostesses, you are responsible for taking people from the entrance to the main social area where they can “meet ‘n greet” other fellow QWOC+. You are the Super Heroes of Social Change. You can escalate any issues by starting a train message from the registration door which ends up in the ears of the Head Organizer. You can signal the DJ to play more House music. You are the “Queen” of the chess board, and move around with great force… we mean, charm.



As schmoozers, you actively engage people in conversation and get group conversations going with enough momentum to walk away and start the process all over again. You are the Social Butterflies of the evening, you will be handed ‘buzz topics’ of the day, which could include anything from upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, recent political news, transgender rights, or even the weather (it still works). You get to talk to people who seem shy, introduce them to another individual, introduce that pair to another introvert, then to groups, then to crowds etc. You get the point. Members of our community are always happy to make new connections. You get to help make that happen.



Photographers take pictures for us! All you need is a digital camera, your usb cable, and you’re good to go. We’ll get the pictures from you either right after the event or the next day (only if you promise to upload them to our site – painless, really). You are the Van Gogh’s of the Movement; you will capture ‘had to be there’ ACTION shots, heartwarming CROWD shots, shots of people talking, dancing, flirting, laughing, and…. This is truly a great way to meet a lot of people and have a great time yourself! Try asking people if Life imitates Art or Art imitates Life, just before you flash.



Now, how did you say you found out about this event? Myspace, Facebook, a mailing list? Who’da thunk! The diversity we see over and over again at QWOC+ events is a result of very conscious, and focused marketing. As the Intelligence List Agents, you will be collecting emails from people who are NOT already on the list  (and who identify as “QWOC”). You will be handing out print materials that contain the web addresses to all our sites – facebook, myspace, downelink, twitter, and of course, our official website. Without you, there is no cocktail soiree, no film screening, no pride party. Why? ‘Cause no people show up. Duh…