QWOC Media Wire is constantly looking for contributors who would like to share their stories, opinions, and areas of expertise with our readership.

Here’s the thing, we strongly believe that you don’t have to call yourself a “writer” in order to share your story. Your voice matters, and we want to hear what you have to say. We welcome a wide range of contributions — from light-hearted, humorous stories about online dating to critical analysis of political issues. The only stipulation is that your contribution must clearly reflect a multi-layered lens.

First-Time Contributor Ideas

You can start simple. Here are a few ideas we’re always willing to publish:

1. Coming Out as __ to ___, e.g Coming Out as Polyamorous to My Girlfriend of 10 Years, Coming Out as a Bisexual African, Coming Out as Trans to My GSA etc

2. My First Time. Send us a personal essay about your firsts e.g. sexual encounters, kissing, falling in love, attending a protest. We all have a bag of awkward, hilarious, inspiring, life-changing stories, and we’d love to hear yours

3. Kitchen Table Conversations. If you’re anything like the people in our team, you’re probably already having the kinds of conversations we’d like to see in the written form, with your friends, colleagues, family, and others. The next time you’re together, record the audio/video of the conversation. Send it to us!

4. Social Media Conversations. Ask a question on Facebook, Twitter, wherever, that draws on the experiences of QPOC e.g. Do masculine women of color who are part of the LGBTQ community really have male privilege?Then, collate the best responses (between 5-7), and send it over to us to publish so we can get more people to weigh in? Just remember — get everyone’s permission first (though, we’ll most likely publish without names).

5. Reactions and Reviews. We’ll gladly publish book and film reviews, reactions to live performances (including televised award shows), and any other opinions that address the experiences of LGBTQ women and gender non-conforming people of color, diaspora, and racial/ethnic minorities around the world


Here are some guidelines you’ll need to follow in order for us to consider your submission:

1. The article should be between 500-750 words.

2. We prefer the personal over the rhetoric-and-jargon-heavy political; we value content that can appeal to a wide range of experiences, avoiding the necessity of a dictionary to follow your meaning. Real life experiences carry more weight than graduate degrees here, although all are very welcome.

3. Please include relevant sources and context as links within your text. e.g. if you make a reference to “Disney’s long history of racism.” that text should link to an article that explores this more in-depth, not to “Disney” and “Racism” in wikipedia. We like to think of links as “voluntary tangents” i.e. the reader can trail off if they wish to get a deeper understanding of a concept or idea you referenced. The only exception to this rule is the use of links to offer definitions to niche terminology e.g. “Cisgender” or “Stereotype Threat.”

4. Please send us at least 2 possible titles for your piece; they should be able to convey what the piece is about and creatively provoke intrigue from our readership e.g. “Obama, Your Gay Card Has Been Revoked Due to Insufficient Activity” is one of our favorites. Also, “Ain’t I A Woman: Transmisogyny in Lesbian Spaces.” Straight to the point titles such as, “What Have Gay Celebrities Done for Us Lately?” are also welcome.

5. Please include photos with your text (and clearly specify their URLs in case we have to get them ourselves). No one likes to read a large gob of text these days, and we’ll value contributors who accompany their posts with engaging, relevant images. You may also send them to us in an attachment. Please try to make sure they are at least medium-sized images to avoid stretching.

6. We accept previously published articles, provided they come with the appropriate permissions. e.g. don’t send us someone else’s piece as yours to republish (as we don’t take too kindly to being accused of plagiarism).

7. And finally — the easy part! — include your first and last name (aliases are fine), a 150-200 word bio, a picture that’s at least 300 dpi, and your website to be published along with the article.

Easy, right? If you have something you’d like to say but aren’t sure about meeting all the specifications above, send us a message anyway. We believe in nurturing new writers here, and would rather we start a discussion about guiding you through the development of your piece than not at all.


For now, we’re a volunteer run collective and thus compensation isn’t available for writing. This is why we permit republishing your work elsewhere. In fact, we encourage you to try and get paid for your work before you publish on our site.

If you are interested please send in your articles to submissions@qwocmediawire.com. Your email must include your bio, attached photo, and name / alias, as well as a clear explanation as to how your piece would fit on our website. (Tip: Pieces intended for specific categories in our website will get more traction).

Please allow up to two (2) weeks for the review of your submission. You may also browse below for open calls to special series, editorial internships, and more.


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