Aleta Lan
Editorial Intern

Aleta Lan was born and raised in the midwest, as was her love of writing and art as the voice for marginalized people. She identifies as a multiethnic polysexual genderqueer female.

As a student, she organized LGBTQ students and allies to make her high school more inclusive and aware of the spectrum of sexuality and gender. She continued this work at her university through involvement in community activism and efforts for equity and justice.

[pullquote3 quotes=”true” align=”center”]I am inspired by people who have fostered social movements through word, visual art, music, and grassroots organizing.[/pullquote3]

Aleta is particularly interested in the experiences of women and LGBTQ persons across cultures and communities and is is excited about the opportunity to learn, expand, and advocate through QWOC Media Wire. She looks forward to making connections within the community of queer women of color to increase solidarity and awareness, and is honored to further public discourse for and by queer women of color.

Queer Asia, Women’s Rights, Art, Poetry, and Fiction

Urbana, IL

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