Pledge any amount you can now to this documentary film about a theater troupe of LGBTQ youth & their allies creating a revealing production on the theme of love.

From the Kickstarter page:

Everybody enjoys a good love story. Our film promises many. Fifteen LGBTQ youth and their straight allies write an original script about romantic love, love of family, love of God, and perhaps the toughest, self love.


Most stories we hear in popular media portray life for LGBT youth as a guaranteed series of pitfalls that includes bullying, substance abuse, homelessness, and suicide.


Difficult challenges are a reality in the lives of many LGBTQ youth, but we’ve seen so much more than that.


Even though the statistics about LGBT youth suicide rates (4 times more likely than straight youth) and dismal school safety records (3 time more likely to be threatened or injured with a weapon in school) are true, 100% of high school seniors who participated in True Colors have successfully graduated high school in the last two years.


Popular TV shows don’t depict the tough, inspirational, everyday lives of these True Colors troupe members.


We want audiences everywhere to witness the spirited process of this theater troupe as it changes hearts and minds. Our film promises to share the authentic voices and struggles of the youth themselves, who model the importance of being out as they support each other falling in love, surviving breakups, and finding their true selves.

Says Alison France, a queer activist who’s been volunteering her time to do outreach for the film’s campaign: “Since experiencing the powerful and inspiring work of True Colors, I’m of the belief that in order to gain support, they only need to be seen and heard. Their resilience and courage speaks for itself… It would mean the world if you make a pledge to support this work. We have 6 days left in our Kickstarter campaign, and unless we raise the full $55,000, we don’t get to keep a penny of our pledges.”

Hear that, folks? If you’re passionate about youth, the arts, or the power of media to change the world (as we are), then please consider supporting the campaign. If you can’t give money, the crew encourages you to spread the word by sharing their campaign via your social networks, or asking others to give on your behalf. Visit their Kickstarter page for more information.