OUTSPOKEN (on Thursday, August 5th @PRECINCT) is one of the most highly anticipated events of QWOC Week, and our summer. Featuring performance and spoken word from queer people of color, this event annually creates a space for raw honesty and truths that will leave you inspired, momentarily speechless, but empowered to be more OUTSPOKEN.

Below are some comments by our organizers and performers about what being OUTSPOKEN means to them.


“Being OUTSPOKEN means being yourself, unapologetically; presenting yourself wholly (vs. fragmented) to the world no matter how hard it is; prioritizing the truth and what you stand for over status quo and complacency; standing up for what you believe in when everyone else remains seated and content with this circus we call liberation; speaking up and fighting for others who are unable to fight for themselves; being outspoken is a responsibility, both to your community, and to yourself.” Spectra Speaks

“OUTSPOKEN to me means no limits. Standing up for self, and others who may not always be able to. It means furiously fighting for what is right/equal/just better than usual, and never settling for the wrong or satisfactory. OUTSPOKEN means standing up for me, and not letting anyone bow me down.”Tikesha M.

“Being OUTSPOKEN means sharing and owning your beliefs, your fears, your joys and your frustrations. It means valuing yourself and empowering others to value themselves, showing the world your life and your world because they reflect you and your community. It means being responsible for the world around you, knowing that without your words, entire communities, experiences, and needs would be forgotten.” Nathalie G.

“Being OUTSPOKEN is recognizing spaces where I have privilege—either because I’m femme, educated, bilingual, etc—and speaking for others who can’t. It means being true to me or my experience and sharing this. It means allowing myself or others to be uncomfortable in the name of learning and growing—or checking someone!” Idalia Poetry

Some WORDS from OUTSPOKEN Performers

London Bridgez

Kit Yan

Yvonne Fly Onakeme Etaghene

URIAH BELL –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAe5-dV4wNI

Tell us via comments below… What does being OUTSPOKEN mean to YOU?