Ariel Burton
Editorial Intern

Hi y’all. I’m a Division III (senior) at Hampshire College, concentrating on Jewish Studies and creative writing. I have been an aspiring writer since the days of forming sloppy letters with crayons and markers. Now my Div III project is writing a novel, and also writing a research paper seeking to parallel the current anti-African immigration sentiment in Israel to Jim Crow era anti-blackness.

I graduate from Hampshire in the spring of 2013, hopefully with an acceptance to a doctorate program in
either theology or divinity to continue the academic study of Judaism. When I am not knee deep in Jewish studies; I like to creatively write, dabble in black and white photography, listen to music, read frequent used book stores, dance, do yoga, meditate, and shop for pretty clothes that match my head scarves and jewelry.

[pullquote3 quotes=”true” align=”center”]When it comes to social justcie/social change, I blog about my life as a queer, Black, Muslim woman. [/pullquote3]

.My writing also includes my interests in food justice, dismantling white supremacy, checking cis privilege, alternative and indigenous methods of healing, uplifting queer and trans people of color (QTPOC) by any means necessary, and spiritually counseling QTPOCs of all faith orientations.

Writing, Spirituality, Healing, Social Justice

Western MA, US

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