Abstract applications now available! Applications will be accepted until July 13, 2011. Notification of selected abstracts will be given no later than August 17, 2011.


The focus of the 2011 National LGBT People of Color Health Summit is Living at the Intersections. As a result of the complex interplay among the intersections of different identities and communities of LGBT People of Color, particular attention and respect must be paid to the multiplicities that exist in people’s lives; segmenting ourselves for the comfort of others is unacceptable. (Intersections Consulting)

The choice of Living at the Intersections as a focus for our next Summit is based on the understanding that a twenty first century leadership in our many movements must insist on a liberation framework, a human rights framework, an intersectional politics, in the lived world, not as an academic trope.  It can no longer be that racism is what Black people deal with or immigration what Latinos deal with or sex what queers deal with or gender identity what trans people deal with.

It can no longer be that people with disabilities are the only ones fighting to create safe spaces for differently abled bodies. It can no longer be that the professionalized women’s, gay, immigration and civil rights movements stay in their damn silos. Poverty, violence, stigma, racism and hatred are the shared experience of millions of people thrown to the margins not just by the rich, white, heterosexual elite, but by some of our own LGBT people.

The leadership we must develop, support and embrace is one that understands the liberated body has to live through many identities and in many movements.  The liberated body is free. It is not raped by poverty or racism. It is not denuded, violated or disparaged by bigots. It is not isolated or hidden away from public life because it is old or disabled. It is not denied the right to reproduce or not reproduce. It is not denied the right to change itself through medical intervention or physical presentation. The liberated body is strong. It is proud. It is Feminist. It is our hope that the content and experience of this summit will reflect this vision and deeper our understanding of the work we need to do.

The Health Summit consists of three tracks:

  • Education and Capacity Building
  • Advocacy and Public Policy
  • Wellness and Treatment

The Health Summit Abstract Application should be used for the submission of abstracts for panel presentations and workshops. Each abstract must be related to one specific track and reflect the theme of this year’s Summit. Please indicate whether the abstract is for a panel presentation or workshop. The abstract cannot include both. Each abstract should also reference one or more of the following populations and/or issues:

  • AIDS/HIV prevention;
  • Spirituality/Culture in the LGBT POC community;
  • Harm Reduction;
  • Mental Health;
  • Violence in LGBT POC relationships;
  • Transgender POC health care concerns;
  • Youth-centered programs concerning suicide prevention, sexual health, and more;
  • Sexual Health;
  • Substance abuse prevention;
  • Current barriers to accessing health care, and how to advocate for change in Health Policies

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