Two queer Latinas — both editors of QWOC Media Wire, chat about one queer Latina politician. And it ain’t chisme. (This post comes to you courtesy of Google Chat. Oh yeah.)

Sarahí: the minute you sent me that message that a Latina lesbian had won a senate seat in TEXAS, i was like whaaat?

Idalia: YES!!!

Sarahí: i immediately went to look her up.
ALL UP IN her business. LOL

Idalia: LOL! Shooooot! Me too. I couldn’t believe it. Not to mention the fact that she was a femme. HAHAHAH,

Sarahí: and then I thought… is she single? lol
kidding. well, kinda.

Idalia: hahaha
seriously though…how many influential, out lesbian women are not only Latina, but feminine??

Sarahí: say word!
i just know those spaces are “reserved” for men. and if a woman wins, she kinda’ has to be a hard ass. and if she’s queer, she tends to fall into the stereotypical “butch” category…

Idalia: And in politics on top of that?
I swear I just died and went to heaven

Sarahí: i felt like a little kid. giddy even

Idalia: The last time I was this excited was for Sotomayor.
Such a good point about anyone in that role having to be a hardass/Butch

Sarahí: i got excited about Sotomayor but i was really ecstatic about this one.

Idalia: What made it different for you?

Sarahí: Latina women don’t come out. Especially Latina lesbian femmes. Or they are perceived straight and fly under the radar. and very few femme Latina lesbians are open about it.

Idalia: So true. There’s SO much f**king POWER in the fact that she is a femme.
We fly under the radar because we’re supposedly not *really* gay

Sarahí: Boom! exactly.

Idalia: Reminds me of how my father flat out told me (before I came out to him) that all lesbians were ugly women who couldn’t get men and any pretty ones are recruited.
the sad part is that’s something I hear all the time from my people

Sarahí: it’s ridiculous and sad.

Idalia: it is. but she just squashed that stereotype being so fly.

Sarahí: and she’s so much more than Latina lesbian femme as well.
but even in learning everything she has accomplished, i was still more moved by the fact that she was a Latina lesbian FEMME in a position of power.
i was like, “gracias por salir de la cocina, coño!” this is where you belong!

Idalia: lol yes!!!!
And you’re a more masculine of center woman. How did her being a femme move you from that perspective?

Sarahí: and yes, there are folks who’d like to say she’s so much more than that. and SHE IS. but for now, my heart is elated for the triple whammy that often puts my Latina lesbian femmes in a quiet corner.

Idalia: You mean her being Latina Woman and Queer?

Sarahí: Si!
i am fully aware of the power our Latina Queer Femmes have. i wasn’t move from a perspective, i was just happy to see it happening. long overdue.

y tu? as a femme-identified lady?

Idalia: Que si que!  Too long overdue

Sarahí: the more diversity we have in a system, the greater the possibilities to create systemic change that is reflective of the entirety of our community.
como dijo Ricardo Levine, “nothing about us, without us, is for us.”

Idalia: LOL Yes!
Para mi as a femme…
I wish I could put it into words
I only ever see other femmes as sex symbols for men. We either don’t exist or we’re porn stars playing with girls for straight men
But to have a gorgeous, out and proud feminine woman in politics of all places, respected, seen for her intellect and her passion for what she wanted to do for her people….sigh
I felt like I could do anything. Like the world just got a little more sun in our shady neck of the woods

Sarahí: 🙂

Idalia: You know what I mean?

Sarahí: fo’ real.
she identifies as Pansexual/Queer
that in itself is another piece…

Idalia: lol. Truuue

Sarahí: i bet anyone who doesn’t know must be looking for a dictionary

Idalia: What’s pansexual?
(Or asking their friends lol)

Sarahí: i could totally make so many jokes of that question.


Sarahí: i mean, as to what people would be assuming.

Idalia: I walked right into that one

Sarahí: you sure did.

Idalia: :p
What do you mean as to what people would be assuming?

Sarahí: folks who might not know what pansexual is. especially, the folks who only know gay or straight.
pero anyway, i am elated really.
makes me wish i could’ve worked on that campaign
…somehow been a part of it.

Idalia: We just witnessed history
And WE were front and center, carajo!

Sarahí: it also makes me want to start some campaign to elect more women of color and from all sorts of the spectrum into places of power and influence.
we bring fresh air into spaces like that.

Idalia: mmm….Me gusta esa imagen

Sarahí: on a different note, i am also concerned for the challenges that await her inside those chambers.

Idalia: I was JUST thinking the same thing

Sarahí: it’s not a clean game. sometimes you go in there with the best of intentions and you get gridlocked because, well… you just do. if an incumbent who has been there forever doesn’t want you to go through, they will make sure you don’t.
so i chant for her. that she may have guidance. and that she is seen for both who she is and what she brings.

Idalia: I know….it’s so hard for anyone with new ideas to change anything in this system
But it’s been a long time since I felt this much hope 🙂

Sarahí: i agree.
fresh ideas are hard to bring into spaces as archaic and sexist as our political system

Idalia: Hell yes…look at Obama…he literally aged before our eyes this term

Sarahí: it isn’t easy. and i am sure there are decisions you have to make that conflict with your beliefs
and it presents an emotional and spiritual challenge
pero pa’lante
she has my full support, from the blue state of CT.

Idalia: Y el mio from MA

Sarahí: i also wonder, what if she was “butch” or “too butch?” in a state like texas….
would she have won?
people vote on what they “see.”
more than what they know

Idalia: Do you think it would have made a difference and the fact that she is femme helped her?
I mean, I wouldn’t doubt it

Sarahí: in a state like Texas, probably.
you know if you look “too gay” it’s a problem.

Idalia: At least it’s a start?

Sarahí: oh trust, i am so happy about this.
i know that social change takes time.
for now, imma’ saborear the victory of a Latina Queer woman who looks like what i know.

i am sure any 13-year-olds out there who might be paying attention to this have someone to look at and say, “yo puedo llegar ahí, asi como soy.”

hell, this 34-year-old is happier than a DominiRican on a beach eating a yaniqueque.

Idalia: Or PuertoMinican eating una piragua on an 80 degree day 😉

And with that, the two Latinas moved on to discuss food, love, and their abuelas. 

What are your thoughts on Mary Gonzalez winning the senate seat? Are you surprised? Is it about time? Are you worried about her? Share your thoughts in the comments section!