Femmes of Color Symposium 2010: Celebrations and Reflections (Posting from Facebook)

Who We Are

This symposium is for all self-identified femmes of color—lesbian, bisexual, gay and queer—to explore who we are and how we are. We are the builders and sustainers of this unique sisterhood of colored femmes who know it is not about how others see us, but how we see ourselves. By celebrating our unique and shared qualities, circumstances, and histories we will come to a better understanding of how to support and encourage one another with tenderness and affirmation of our femme spirits. FOCS2010: celebrations and reflections, is our time to gather together and mirror one another’s lives. Community does not simply exist; we must plant, grow and nurture it. We must choose it. We call upon our sisters who share a sense of righteous indignation about how we’ve been defined and misunderstood. We call upon our sisters who share a sense of our talents, tenacity and integrity. Join us in breaking this new ground!


Mission Statement

FOCS2010: celebrations and reflections, the inaugural symposium for femmes of color, will create the opportunity—through workshops, community building/social activities, presentations, panels, and/or performances—to uncover and discover our similarities, our differences, our needs and how to support one another. It will serve as a launch point for a real-time and virtual nation-wide network of diverse individuals. It will then ultimately serve to sustain, cultivate and celebrate the vibrant connections we have made among femmes of color.