As the UK celebrates in 2012, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics and World Pride in London, Imaan – the world’s largest LGBTQI Muslim organisation — plans to host only the fifth ever international conference on August 24th-27th..

This annual conference brings together pre-eminent scholars, leaders and delegates from across the globe and within the British communities to espouse and celebrate a shared understanding of an inclusive Islam that is accepting of the diversities within the faith.

[pullquote2]The theme of this year’s conference is “Diversity: The Gift of Islam” (Al-Ikhtilaf, athaa min Allah), which seeks to discuss the unique issues facing the international queer ummah (community). [/pullquote2]

By creating an exciting forum for debates, workshops, activities and performances, the conference organizers seek to empower and engage delegates from Europe, Asia, and North America via a space dedicated to analysing current and emerging scholarship, community-building and tackling the challenges of identities.

As this is the fifth annual convening, organizes intends to build upon and archive the legacy of past conferences. The scholarship, guidance and tools which emanate from the conference space will be collated afterwards and published in booklet form, in order to reach out to those in the ummah who cannot attend and to add to the resources available for future generations.

[pullquote2]The conference is open primarily to LGBTQI Muslims and their partners.[/pullquote2]

Delegates have the choice of registering for the full weekend or a single day. Early-bird prices start at £40 for Registration. For more details on how to register, including the program and full list of speakers visit the Imaan website at