Genetic mutations, futuristic worlds and lesbian love are just a few of the themes in this animated, sci-fi film feature, “Strange Frame”, directed and co-written by GB Hajim and out African-American lesbian musician, Shelley Doty.

Strange Frame follows the story of Naia and Parker, two brown-skinned, queer musicians who fall for each other, and (naturally) begin making love and music together in the 28th Century.

From, “200 years after the Great Earth Exodus, “Strange Frame”‘s heroine, Parker leaves the comforts of her previous life and falls in love with beautiful songwriter Naia, who is genetically engineered and enslaved to be a miner. The lovers form a band but soon Naia is enslaved again, this time by the seductive spotlight of stardom. Facing the obstacles of fame in the future, Parker sets out on a quest to save Naia and redeem their love.’

In the post-apocalyptic world of the film, humans can genetically modify themselves to change their skin color and sexual organs making for an interesting plot line that queers sex, gender, and race. Moreover, the dreamlike soundtrack and stunning animation transports viewers to a true fantasy world of space pirates, indentured servants and genetic mutation.

Whether you’re a sci-fi fanatic or an avid consumer of QWOC media who doesn’t know the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars (no judgement), Strange Film is a must-see.

Check out the trailer below:

The film is being distributed by Wolfe Video, a company that has been a source for queer film since 1985. Although the DVD isn’t available to order until March 19th, you can watch the film online through Wolfe’s streaming website or at the new Sistah Sinema Online channel here.