The new British web drama “In The Deep” is not your typical queer web series–it has an honest portrayal of queer people of color lives and movie-quality production.

I think I’d call that a win-win.

The series follows four best friends living in London’s vibrant East End. Ultimately, it’s a story about people, their loves, their lives and the secrets they’re keeping from themselves and each other. The drama showcases dynamic characters whose stories are not usually told in mainstream media. Ade is stuck between two world, British-Nigerian and gay.  Emilia has a confusing ‘thing’ with Riley, her straight best friend who has a boyfriend. Wesley is struggling to decide whether to fight for love or let someone else sweep him off his feet. Rene realizes that he finally has to grow up. Already intrigued? Here’s the first episode for your easy viewing pleasure.

Not only does “In The Deep” feature queer people of color as main characters but it is also shot in a way in a way not yet see online, therefore raising the bar for online media production quality. Brought to us by the London based company DreamCoat Productions, it’s is a new kind of drama written by Joseph Adesunloye and Joy GharoroAkpojotor. The first two episode were directed by series writer Joseph Adesunloye and Vins Blake, with the help of an accomplished production team that has worked on films like Prometheus, World War Z, Jack the Giant Slayer and X-Men: First Class.

 Go to for more info and to stay informed about the second episode release date. Unfortunately, the team needs your help to keep the series going.  So if you’re itching to find out what happens to Ade, Emilia, Wesley and Rene, support by going to: