The Peculiar Kind: A Web Series about Queer Women of Color

Brooklyn, NY – (February 20th, 2012) – The Artchitects are proud to announce the premiere episode of The Peculiar Kind, a monthly web series about queer women of color featuring Jade Foster(, Ivette (, Milly (, and more!  The Peculiar Kind is directed by Alexis Casson and Mursi Layne (The

The Peculiar Kind is a web series that candidly explores the lives and experiences of queer women of color with eye-opening and unscripted conversations.  Episode one of The Peculiar Kind explores “Party Etiquette” i.e. Jealousy, Flirting, One Night Stands, Using Protection, Getting Home Safely, & Hate Crimes.  Included in this episode are “OUR NEWS”, a segment brought to you by Kimberley McLeod ( and The Peculiar Kind Spotlight Presents which features Kimmie David ( The Peculiar Kind can be viewed on or

About The Artchitects

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