Social Media Marketing Internship (Summer 2011)

Queer Women of Color and Friends (QWOC+ Boston) is currently seeking two (2) dynamic motivated interns interested in exploring a career in social media marketing. This unpaid internship requires a commitment of 15 hours per week in addition (including mandatory attendance at our weekly planning meetings), but offers a flexible schedule; hours can be worked primarily from home, at night, and on the weekends.

Seriously, this internship rocks. Check out what our last Social Media Intern had to say HERE

Qualifications of the Idea Candidate:
  • You are a high school, undergraduate or graduate student
  • You are a member or active ally to the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex (LBGTQI) community
  • You have excellent writing and communication skills — you can crank out a newsletter AND hold your own in a meeting
  • You possess hands-on experience with popular social media applications like Twitter, Digg, Facebook, and YouTube
  • You have at least a basic understanding of blogging tools like WordPress, Blogspot, or Drupal
  • Your attention to details is almost supernatural
  • You are passionate about social justice and have several organizational affiliations and committees to show for it!
  • You enjoy working within a team, but cherish your very own mini-projects

Did you nod your head at most (or all) of the statements above? If so, then we’d LOVE to consider you for one of our summer social media internships!


What You Will Accomplish This Summer:
  • You will provide marketing support for our 3rd annual QWOC Week, a week-long festival that involves the concepting, planning, coordination, and execution of at least ten community-building events
  • You will learn the basics of email marketing via your contribution (draft and technical support) of our bi-weekly newsletters
  • You will brainstorm your very own ideas for leveraging social media to create social change — yes, we’ll give you your very own project/event to plan
  • You will author blog posts and reblog relevant media articles
  • You will post frequent tweets and master the art of engaging users via Twitter
  • You will learn to identify potential PR opportunities
  • You will work within the steering committee to explore ways in which we might engage our user community both within our existing sites and on external social media platforms
  • You WILL have so much fun, and be able to talk about it on your resume. [If you do a great job] You will earn at least one solid letter of recommendation!


  • UNPAID internship
  • Academic Credit
  • Official Letter of Recommendation
  • Complimentary Event Tickets
  • Cool Points
If you’re interested, please send your resume to adaora at qwocboston dot org. Include the following info in the body of the email (or we won’t read/respond to your application):
  • First and Last Name
  • Name of Institution
  • Contact Info (Email and Phone Number)
  • How did you hear about this internship opportunity?
  • Do you blog? Give us your website.
  • Do you tweet? List your Twitter handle.
  • What social justice cause are you most concerned about? Is it different from the one you donate most of your time/money to? If so, tell us why. If not, well then tell us how your passion for this cause has translated to action (i.e. how do you support/promote it?). Please respond to this question in 5 sentences or less. This isn’t a college essay — we just wanna gauge your level of commitment