In case you didn’t notice by the Target dollar section’s sea of hearts and pink, February is upon us! Which means it’s Time for Valentines Day, Black History Month, LGBT History Month (UK), National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and much more.

We are looking for talkers, thinkers, dreamers, lovers, ranters and, of course, writers to contribute to QWOC Media Wire. If you find yourself in one or all of these categories we want to hear from you! Please submit your writing, photography or other visual art, web series, video blogs, original music and any other MEDIA that brings voice to queer women and trans* people of color.

The only hitch? We have a preference towards conversations about media, pop culture, and (lack of/mis)represenations of queer brown experiences; it’s important that your contribution to this space explores the “wholly trinity” (as coined by one of our editors) — gender, sexuality and race/culture/ethnicity/nationality.

Allies are welcome to pitch ideas that highlight QWOC media projects (e.g. interviews, organizational profiles, qpoc lists) as a way of supporting our mission of amplifying more qwoc-inclusive media, but no personal pieces, as we reserve that space for queer/trans women of color voices.

Here are some guidelines: 500-700 words for blog posts, 1000-1200 for features, at least 5 shots for photography and poetry submissions no longer than 2 pages (in Word, with 1 inch margins). If you have a piece that doesn’t exactly fit, send it to us anyway; we’re all about breaking the rules here.

Here are some ideas examples for themes of Love and Black History Month:

February: The Love Month

  • Queer Interracial Intimacy
  • Queer-Friendly Valentines Day Plans
  • Valentines Day Gift Ideas
  • QWOC Sisterhood
  • Your Top 10 Could-Be-Queer Love Songs by POC

February: Black History Month

  • Black Lesbian History Profiles
  • Changemakers Profiles
  • Personal History
  • Grade School Black History Memories
  • Inspiring Black Films

See? Our ideas aren’t that great. So if you’ve got a topic in mind that fits with the theme, go for it. Submit your ideas using HERE. Note: We no longer accept submissions over email. Wouldn’t be much of a media organization if we didn’t use social media to streamline our editorial processes now, would we?

Between cooking up jigglers for Jell-O Week (2/10-2/16) and taking your pet to the dentist for National Pet Dental Health Month, we’re sure you can find the time to submit a Pintrest gift list of adorable homemade QWOC Etsy crafts. Come on, you know you want to!