QWOC Media Wire is a media advocacy organization and online platform that amplifies the voices and thought leadership of sexual minorities around the world.

We are happy to announce that we’re seeking THREE new editors to join our team! Non-US candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. Applications now open via our online submission system.

Editorial Position Description and Eligibility

The ideal editor will be a seasoned writer, blogger, or publisher of online content.

The ideal editor will identify as part of the queer and trans community of color (even if using a pseudoynm/alias), or as a racial/ethnic minority. (Note: As our site is dedicated to the voices and thought leadership of queer women, gender non-conforming and trans people of color, we give preference to editors who identify as such.)

The ideal editor will also be a moderate to expert user of content management platforms (e.g. WordPress, Blogspot, Drupal, etc) either from past experience blogging or managing another digital publishing site. Personal websites or blogs do count.

The ideal  editor will already have LOTS of ideas about how to curate compelling and engaging stories, articles, and content that would resonate with our readership, including how to make our already growing online community more vibrant and appealing.

Note: Queer allies who *live* anti-racist principles will be considered for non-editor positions on a case by case basis e.g. Media and Communications Coordinator (Newsletter, Press), Social Media Coordinator, and Web Designer/Director (Graphics, Layout, Development). Inquire by emailing team@qwocmediawire.com.

[pullquote3 quotes=”true” align=”center” variation=”purple” textColor=”#00000″]This call is open to all regardless of geography, but we also want to strongly encourage non-US candidates to apply. [/pullquote3]

Who We Are

Currently, we are: latina, African, mixed-race, femme, masculine of center, gender neutral, east coaster, west coasters, trans-nationals, professionals, scholars, activists. There’s still a lot that can be added to that.

Who We’re Looking For

We are actively searching for editors who don’t look like us–who share enough of our experiences as qpoc with multi-identities, but contributes a new lens to our collective vision. We aren’t looking for people to be marginally involved to deflect criticism; we are seeking people to be fully vested editorial partners, who are willing to volunteer time and energy alongside us to 1) recruit writers, 2) edit submissions, 3) moderate comments, 4) manage the space, and 5) grow QWOC Media Wire from a startup to a sustainable social enterprise.

This is a Volunteer Position

This will be a volunteer position. QWOC Media Wire is a labor of love. The funds for this site come out of our pockets. Therefore, we cannot provide any compensation for editors at this time. We do guarantee, however, that you’ll continually learn (we all do), you’ll be supported as an individual with their own career path, and your contribution to this project will be celebrated and honored. Lastly, but most importantly, as we recognize that this is a volunteer project (and we all have commitments outside of it), you’ll be part of a team that holds you accountable to your commitments, but also practices community care and support when critical.

Strategic Growth and Planning (Hopefully With You On Board)

Part of our strategy to become a full-fledged, sustainable media advocacy organization includes the recruitment and development of a team that is grounded in our principles and committed to our mission, before implementing a growth strategy plan for this social enterprise in 2014.

Our team currently comprises a serial social entrepreneur and digital media expert, an organizationl development consultant, and a scholar interested in exploring the way intersectionality is reported or consumed by the media. We look forward to adding more core strengths and expertise to our team! What would you bring? We hope to find out through your application. f you’re interested in being part of something exciting, intentionally innovative, strategic, and collaborative–while working within a fun, affirming, and very smart team–we strongly encourage you to apply.

We strongly encourage you to use our ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM However, if you are applying from outside the US and/or unable to use the online submission system, please email us directly at team@qwocmediawire.com for a downloadable submission form.

Note: We will be interviewing until we find the right people. But this particular call for applications will close on May 20th, 2013 (with a possible earlier start date, schedules permitting).