On March 14, we hosted a powerful #QWOCTalk Twitter chat about some hard stuff regarding the experiences (and treatment of) bisexual women of color: bi inclusion in queer communities, common bi misconceptions and the need for bisexual women of color community.

Thank you to all those that participated and shared their truth with us. We appreciate the engagement and we were so happy to be able to facilitate the discussion and build some much needed community. It was clear that there is a serious need for this space and we encourage people to keep the conversations going by using #BiWOC on Twitter and making connections with some of the people that participated in this chat.

A special thanks to one of our 10 Bi Women to Celebrate Fayth Cheltenham, president of BiNetUSA.org for sharing the following resources with us.

For those of you who missed it, we’ve compiled the whole thing on Storify so that we’ll never lose access to this great conversation. Read the whole story, below!

  1. Welcome to “Pride or Privilege: The (in)visibility of Bisexual Women of Color” What are people’s initial reactions to the topic? #QWOCtalk
  2. Remember to use #QWOCtalk to join our twitter chat happening now! “Pride or Privilege: The (in)visibility of Bisexual Women of Color”
  3. Is bisexuality ever a privilege in the case of women of color? When? How? Share your thoughts using #qwoctalk cc @bklynboihood
  4. .@qwocmediawire much of the discrimination bisexual woc face comes from assumed “passing” in hetero spaces. #QWOCtalk
  5. As a biracial biWOC it’s sometimes hard to feel authentic in POC or queer communities. #QWOCtalk
  6. I think there is a lot of isolation for bisexual women of color. Isolation from mainstream LGBT communities and ethnic ones #QWOCtalk
  7. Happy Birthday to @thefayth one of our 10 biWOC to watch! Thanks for joining #QWOCtalk
  8. @qwocmediawire it’s SO necessary! LGBT peeps dont talk enough about topic, much less outside of our community #QWOCtalk
  9. @qwocmediawire #QWOCtalk That makes a lot of sense, seems like each experience (bi/biracial) has an opportunity to inform the other tho
  10. And trying to deal with the fact that there are gay and lesbian people who don’t believe bisexuality exists #QWOCtalk
  11. @WordsWithDes #QWOCtalk Luckily folks believe people of color do exist and are valid members of the queer community, #prop8 did a lot 4 that
  12. Passing happens for many LGBT people when we’re not holding hands with a partner no? #QWOCtalk #QWOCtalk
  13. Is it passing just being who you are? Passing has a deceptive connotation. #QWOCtalk
  14. As long as you acknowledge who you are, and are honest about that, is it passing? #QWOCtalk
  15. What about gay people who aren’t “out” versus a bisexual person in an opposite sex relationship? Who is #passing then? #QWOCtalk
  16. @yaelv Yes, chicken or the egg kinda of thing. If we disclose, we face deep stigma so do we have to always disclose? #QWOCtalk #QWOCtalk
  17. @WordsWithDes I don’t think they don’t believe but most will tell you they’re confused,which is ridiculous to say..#QWOCtalk
  18. @WordsWithDes I think this also brings up a question of “should bisexual people constantly defend their [dating] choices”? #QWOCTalk
  19. We’re having a great chat about women of color #bisexuality Remember to use #QWOCtalk to join the conversation!
  20. @parisianfeline Very, very good question! I think that definitely deserves discussion. #QWOCtalk

We’d like to continue to host great discussions with #QWOCtalk twitter chats, so if you have any ideas about topics that are relevant to Queer Women of Color in media or just in general, please leave a comment below!