has just announced the official debut of Girl Play, a new web series which follows a group of… waaait for it… feminine women of color (finally!). Breaking the trend of web series leading with masculine of center women’s experiences, viewers can expect to live vicariously through four fab femmes as they navigate their careers, friendship, and love.

With a colorful cast of players, the series aims to dispel myths and stereotypes about feminine lesbians by highlighting diverse narratives of “femme”, tackling critical (and oft, divisive) issues such as femme (in)visibility, marriage, and mainstream gay culture; as the series is based in New Orleans, viewers can look forward to experiencing lifestyles of lesbians who live in the South, an experience the producers feel has often been excluded from the media.

Girl Play TV is the brain child of creator, Aryka Randall , who was inspired to create the series after the success of her blog. In a recent interview, she remarked:

My main goal for the “Girl Play” project is to end common stereotypes about feminine lesbian women and depict young women of color in a positive light. I also want to expose viewers to the LGBT community which thrives in Louisiana. I think people will be surprised to see how many gay people actually live in New Orleans.

Aryka describes Girl Play as a “hybrid of  The L Word and Sex and the City with a southern twist,” so if Southern Comfort martinis and pretty studs strike your fancy, head on over to Girl Play TV and subscribe to get alerts on new episodes, the first one is embedded below. You’re welcome.