Vijay Sachdev
Social Media Marketing Intern

Hello friends! My name is Vijay.  I’m a South Asian queer male ally, although gender-neutral pronouns are more than okay with me, currently a rising Junior at the University of Redlands.  Being a student of Johnston Center for Integrative Studies, I’m able to combine my passion for racial and economic justice with research methodology and math.  I have been particularly grounded in exploring the realm of radical egalitarian politics through the lens of queer theory.  Working with Queer Women of Color and Friends this summer as a Social Media Intern is an excellent way for me to bridge theory with practice.

[pullquote3 quotes=”true” align=”center”]I am ecstatic to be able to act as an advocate, ally, and change agent for this organization by owning my privilege as a male to promote true progressive change.[/pullquote3]

My goal is to utilize this opportunity to project queer women of color issues (often marked as private, domestic, and economic issues) into public space (often times exclusive and privileged) through the use of accessible media. Doing so will reveal the subjugated knowledge that is central to the lived experience of a largely marginalized community.

Bottom line: I’m thrilled to fulfill the duties of this position and can’t wait to do great work with QWOC Media Wire!. — Vijay

Books and Film by Queer People of Color, Social Justice, Feminism

San Francisco, CA

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