“People who have [sought] asylum, they are very strong, they’ve been through a lot.”

Skye Tinevimbo knows best the strength it takes to ask for help.  A lesbian woman, she had to seek asylum from her home country of Zimbabwe and thanks to the None on Record’s video series Seeking Asylum, she is able to share her story.

The series follows the stories of 4 LGBTQ Africans (Skye is just one story) who are leave their home country to seek asylum in the United Kingdom. QWOC interviewed Executive Director Selly Thiam when the series was released in partnership with AfroPop back in January.

Along with airing on the public television show AfroPop, Seeking Asylum is also being featured in The PBS online Film Festival until March 22nd! In order to continue to support the project please watch the videos and vote for the two that are nominated for the PBS Online Film Festival People’s Choice Award here.

WATCH Video #1: http://www.pbs.org/filmfestival/all-films/asylum-bisi/
WATCH Video #2: http://www.pbs.org/filmfestival/all-films/asylum-skye/
VOTE: http://www.pbs.org/filmfestival/vote/

The more support the project receives, the more that None on Record can continue to tell these amazing stories. Skye, Bisi and the people at None of Record deserve to have their stories highlighted by a large media source like PBS.